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ucantbeme@ 9:16pm 01-03-2021
This is really stylish. good job
APF The Edgelord@ 6:14am 08-02-2020
x-tremeproject@ 12:11am 05-01-2020
Thanks mate
aeon@ 3:59pm 04-02-2020
slick ass website keep it up my guy
x-tremeproject@ 11:11pm 03-20-2020
Fuck you too Spring

made with love, 38caution
Spring@ 10:45pm 03-20-2020
Fuck you Caution
With love, Spring :3
x-tremeproject@ 7:55pm 10-05-2019
No sir, this is 38Caution.
Sledger@ 7:23pm 10-05-2019
Is this Neuland
x-tremeproject@ 7:59pm 10-03-2019
Emma Wieland@ 5:48pm 10-01-2019
Welcome to the Net!
x-tremeproject@ 1:25pm 07-26-2019
EOL@ 3:22pm 07-25-2019
Such a nostalgic site!!! Comic Sans for the win!!!
x-tremeproject@ 12:43am 07-25-2019
No shit, I love the 2000s website where you can use your creativity, now it just Wix stuff with Simplify HTML, drag and drop and whatever.

Neocities have something that none other website has, and that is control over HTML and CSS
Modern XP@ 8:47pm 07-24-2019
So true, those web pros all over the web who hate Comic Sans are also the ones who make bland WordPress template websites, annoying newsletter popups, annoying autoplay videos, very little content with a lot of space and so many scripts. LOL (Not really laughing)
x-tremeproject@ 7:07pm 07-24-2019
hell yeah, comic sans best fonts

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